Introducing LightSignz Kiosk

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Protect your customers, staff, and ensure the government COVID-19 Requirements for Health & Safety are met.

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LightSignz Kiosk Hand Sanitiser is a touch-free and self-managed digital signage. This machine allows you to easily upload and manage what’s displayed on the screen, from weather, your personal business QR Code/s, news, and videos. When you present your hand by the sanitiser dispenser, a blue light glows and dispenses the sanitiser into your hand. When the sanitiser level goes to 10% or less, the light will glow red. 

Auto-Dispensing Function

This auto sensor means there is no need to touch anything, and stops the spread of the virus. There is a 1000mL capacity. This also offers operational light indicators for dispensing the hand sanitiser and for low-levels warnings, making it easy for you to monitor.

Dynamic Digital Signage

Boost your engagement with your customers or staff by displaying content on your screen. You can show just about anything, from announcements, videos, or images. You can even add in additional interfaces such as the weather, news, or any other data feed.

Content Management System

The price includes a content-management system. You can add on our specialised cloud-based system, allowing you to update the content displayed on the screen anytime, anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Waterproof Pro-Cap Touch Screen

This is a 21.5 inch FHD screen, operating on an Android 8.1 operating system. There is even the option to have a waterproof touch function, so this can be used even if your hand is wet.


Auto-sensors allow contactless sanitiser dispensing, removing the risk and spread of viruses.

Easy Refill

Simply open the door and remove the locking tank, remove and refill the sanitiser tank, then reinstall the sanitiser tank. Once all locked up and doors closed, you’re ready to keep sanitising.

Install Type

Freedom to choose your install type between wall mount and floor stand, depending on your business needs.

Replacement Sanitiser

You can choose the standard 1L sanitiser, or add on the 3L option. All you need to do is open the front for easy replacement.

Waterproof Touch Screen

This future-focused option allows you to use the screen, even if your hand is wet.

Cloud-Based CMS Upgrade

This player can be upgraded to our purpose-built cloud-based software. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to update and manage the player anytime.

Base Options

The bright and eye-catching screen display will attract attention, meaning your customers and staff are more likely to look at the screen. This screen has HDMI Input support, and can manage images and can be like 24/7.

Addon Options

We can offer a range of great add ons and options for you, from the production of a video to display on the screen, design work, or even the sanitiser. This device can offer temperature sensors, software scheduling, and even a camera option.

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