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Lighthouse Digital’s Digital Signs and Electronic Menu Board software called “Lightsignz”, provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective web-based interface. Investing in Digital Signs and Electronic Menu Boards is a one-time deal, which will eliminate costs permanently, save you time, provide flexibility and it can even increase your sales by 23%.

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Introducing LightSignz Kiosk

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Self Managed Digital Signs

Lighthouse Digital gives your company the ability to create bespoke eye-catching digital signage which will capture attention, engage customers and help in sharing information. Our Dynamic Digital Signs & Electronic Menu Boards can benefit businesses in multiple industries, such as Retail, Wholesale, Construction, Health, Real Estate, Café, Restaurant, Bar, and wherever Health & Safety is paramount.

Using innovative technology, our Digital Sign and Electronic Menu Board software gives you the capabilities to remotely and quickly update posters, messages, menu items, pricing as well as share critical information. Our software is also compatible with videos, which are proven to improve customer & employee communications, increased upsell potential, and higher overall sales.

Why use Lightsignz Software for your Digital Signs and Electronic Menu Boards?


Digital signage is flexible and provides the opportunity to use a wide range of applications. You can enhance your business’ branding, display products, or even earn additional revenue from advertising partners by displaying their content.


Update your marketing collateral without the added expensive or time-costs. Lower your overhead costs by updating everything from the one portal from your own computer.


You can schedule multiple messages and display targeted items based on time of day. Increase profitability by featuring high margin products during peak hours with Digital Signs and Digital Menu Boards.


Quickly update your signage from any internet-enabled computer. Our web-based portal enables easy content updates, whether you are on-site or off-site.

Digital Signs For Hospitality & Retail

Using attention-grabbing digital signs, you have the freedom to easily change and update on-screen information, as well as the ability to upsell your products and inform your customers. Whether it’s changing the videos or images, updating pricing, promotions and events, or alternating between menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our software can provide. Key benefits of digital signs in retail & hospitality:


When your prices or items change you need to update menus, which is always going to be an extra cost. But, with an electronic digital menu board, you can change the menu yourself at no cost to you.

promote and upsell

Increase sales of high-margin items by testing specials, promotions, LTOs (limited time offers) with no overhead cost. You can test different imagery, order, and pricing to see what impacts your profit.

greater consumer expeRIence

Digital menu boards are part of your overall brand experience and as such help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

reduce perceived wait times

Engage your customers and promote menu boards with engaging content like video, moving imagery and feeds. Digital signage reduces the perceived wait time by as much as 35 percent.

streamline ordering

Your digital menu board showcases beautiful imagery, and this encourages your customers to make a quick decision.

reduce costs

By investing in digital signage menus and boards, there will be a cost reduction in printing out new menus every time a minor change comes up.

Digital Signs For Corporate Communications

Digital signage in a corporate setting can range from interactive video display walls, greeting screens in the reception area, information placed in prime viewing locations around the business, or a cohesive mix of all.

Our seamless, cloud-based software ‘Lightsignz’ is transforming information and communications between employees, stakeholders, and customers. We do this by creating content that is eye-catching, informative and digestible across different areas of the business. Lightsignz is paving the way in effective and timely communication in the workforce, ranging from wellness & wellbeing, health and safety, company data and insights, and culture.


A positive and supportive workplace culture is a growing necessity that is created and strengthened every day. Communicate to your employees to influence behaviour and beliefs by cutting through the cluttered day-to-day work environment, using digital signage. These displays are more visually interesting and inspiring, breaking down silos and sharing employee news.

Today’s workforce is increasingly more demanding and ‘noisy’, meaning it can be seen as ‘too hard’ to break through the barriers. You can integrate information from different digital and social mediums (Slack, Yammer, SharePoint, Facebook, LinkedIn). This way you can put dynamic content up on screens for employees, increase reach, productivity, and retention of information.






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Digital Signs For Real Estate

80% of consumers report entering a store because a digital sign caught their interest, and real estate is no different. Agencies are still promoting their listings and themselves through static signs or paper print outs. Not only is this expensive, but it’s time-consuming, and doesn’t allow for any additional updates or changes to upsell or promote a home. 

Whether you’re adding in that extra detail, or simply updating the images based on seasons (the sunny Summer photo might not look as appropriate when rainy Autumn hits), digital signage gives you immediacy and flexibility. 


By making the switch to digital signage, you won’t need to print out a new poster every time a house is listed or sold, and it becomes an easy and automatic process to add or update a listing. You can draw in window shoppers and boost foot traffic, and it makes your store look professional and modern.

How will this help my clients?

As real estate is an infrequent and a high-involvement purchase decision, your clients who are selling will want the best possible screentime and display for them. Your customers willing to purchase the houses will want to be able to see, compare, and contrast the different houses on sale. Digital signage will create constant customer communication and engagement, as your screens are live all hours of the day. The bright displays highlight the properties images, information, and any associated video content (such as a house tour, or another engaging video).

Eye-catching and bright way to highlight properties

Creates a modern image for you & your agency

Visually appealing to customers

Easy to update and upload

Incorporate industry market news

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Digital Signs For Health and Safety

Health and Safety in the workplace has more importance than ever before. By law, “NZ Firms are required to give workers and others the highest level of protection from workplace health and safety risks”. Organisations who have safety programmes in place that are regularly maintained are better equipped to deal with incidents and have a better track record. 

Health and Safety information needs to be shared in a simple to read and digestible format. As we progress further into the digital age, people are more likely to look at a bright and eye-catching digital screen, lit up and easily read by all. In comparison with traditional signage, digital signage can be read at any time or anywhere. Printed signage is more prone to wear and tear, is crammed full of information, and sometimes uses a small font that is hard to read.

Key benefits of digital signage to promote health & safety information:

Information sharing

Keep staff informed in real-time, from hazards, to injuries, to company announcements. Using a digital platform, you can easily promote best practice and safety protocols, and keep this maintenance messaging on a rotation with additional messages to your employees. Your content is easier to read, you can utilise graphics alongside words for clarity, and display messages in multiple languages.

Ease of Access

Digital signage allows you to upload a range of content remotely, securely, and easily. Plan ahead for announcements and schedule them to go live at the time of day where it matters most. You can even upload instructions and protocols during a health and safety incident so employees know what to do, and feel safe under your leadership.

Save Time & Money

Not only is it a lot easier to inform your team and employees, but you can also save money (and trees!). Reduce your printing costs by uploading everything directly to your screens, live almost instantaneously. You can secure your screens from water, heat, dust, or extreme conditions using special enclosures, further saving costs in the long run.

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