SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation helps you rank on search engines, and is a fundamental part of an online marketing strategy and long-term lead generation and online presence.

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A best practice digital marketing strategy should always have SEO in it’s core. The fundamentals of online authority and relevancy, come from ranking organically on Google. This strategy future proofs your business presence online, and allows you to generate leads in the most cost effective manner, long-term. It connects your brand, service and product offering with your target audience in the most credible manner.

Best Practice SEO

The core elements explained

On Page

These are the fundamental blocks of SEO, and are crucial when speaking to both a search engine, as well as an end user (site visitor). They help identify:

Who you are. Where you are. What you do.

As shown below, the on-page element of SEO are all about your technical website structure, website content and user experience.

Off Page - Link Building

Link building is the major ranking factor for Google. Backlinks are a way to indicate to Google you are a credible authority in your space, via having other credible websites refer traffic to your website with relevant content and links.

Example: A Yellow Pages online directory listing for your business with a link to your website, provides a credible referral (Backlink) for Google.

Content - Blogging

Secondary to Link Building, and one of the major ranking factors for Google is content, predominantly in form of Blogs.

Example: Regular content updates on your website in the form of blogs, relating to trending themes on Google, helps both the search engine and your target audience identify you as an authority in your market.

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