Which is the best: Digital Signage or Printed Signage?

Which is the best: Digital Signage or Printed Signage?

By LHDMedia

Are you thinking about choosing between printed signage and digital signage but aren’t sure where to start?

To start, signage is the collective term for just about anything, including personal or commercial, that displays any form of text, media, or communication. Digital signage is anything on a screen or projector, and printed signage is anything printed! Both digital signage and printed signage both have their advantages and disadvantages based on the industry your company is in.

Let’s chat through what the pros and cons are of digital signage vs. printed signage so you can make the most informed decision.

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Digital Signage

Advantages of Printed Signage

Digital signage uses its bright and eye-catching backlit displays to capture the attention of the audience. These screens can broadcast any form of media, including dynamic content such as time, the weather, or the news, or even video content. These changing displays will attract the eye more easily than posters. You can add or schedule content to be displayed at a specific time, such as lunch specials at midday, or an inspirational message to be shared in the office at break-time. Digital signage provides the perfect opportunity to include multiple messages so that nothing gets overlooked or missed out on one screen.

A key benefit to digital signage can remotely access, schedule, or change content. This makes it easy for individuals running the system not to have the constraints of on-premise management. Digital displays are considered more sustainable by not printing physical copies and producing waste. Some displays now are so energy efficient, they barely cost a cent a day!

Disadvantages of Digital Signage

New content creation can be fun and allow you to unleash your creative ability! However, editing and renewing this can be costly, particularly if there are no in-house graphic designers or videographers. Updating content regularly is essential to keep customers entertained and happy, and not be the recipients of content exhaustion.

A potential issue of digital signage is the initial upfront investment cost. Most companies allow you to put this on a pay-monthly scheme, giving you the ability to pay it off at your luxury. A considerable disadvantage is not utilising your digital signage effectively, as you miss a massive opportunity to talk to your customers.

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Print Signage 

Advantages of Printed Signage

Printed signage can look classic and engaging, and you can do a lot with print capabilities, such as changing the outline of a shape. It allows lots of creative freedom, and you can put up the printed signs in locations to let your audience read and be attracted by the exciting design. Printed signage can look professional and modern, and when designed correctly, can be super engaging. A well-designed poster allows the freedom to make any updates and changes to the poster straightforward and efficient. When creating a sign, it is ideal to ‘future-proof’ your changes, such as prices or specials.

It is also effortless to transport, as printed signs are robust, and easy to move about. Printed signage can also incorporate recycled materials to make them super environmentally friendly. Additionally, printed signage is a fully reliable offering, as software and electronics can sometimes fail out. Upfront printed signage costs are cheaper as it’s usually a one-off print cost.

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Disadvantages of Printed Signage

Print signage is long outdated, even with the updates in new printing technology and materials. This type of signage often results in a super cluttered design, as most design takes up as much space as possible to reduce the print cost. This can result in mixed messaging, as there is so much on one space, leaving the message miscommunicated, and the audience overwhelmed.

Once something is printed, you can’t go back! The main issue with printed signage is that you can’t make any changes, tweaks, or updates, without needing to reprint all of the collateral again. This additional printing is super costly, and if you need to outsource both your printing and design, then the dollars add up.

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So, which is better?

It looks like it’s time to ditch the posters. Digital signage is not only more economically efficient for your company, but it’s also environmentally better. Digital signage offers a heap more flexibility, from updating the creative and content as you see fit, to scheduling remotely so you can do this from just about anywhere. The bright backlit screens of digital signs are also more eye-catching and attention-grabbing, which is precisely what these displays are used for!