What Are The Benefits of Outdoor Digital Billboards?

By LHDMedia

In New Zealand, digital signs and outdoor digital billboards are growing to be two of the most beneficial and easy-to-run forms of advertising and information sharing. In fact, these forms of media are predicted to grow an additional 18% between 2019 – 2025 based on current trends. 

The benefits of outdoor digital billboards and digital signs are endless, but if you’re still on the fence, why not check out some of the easiest reasons to make the switch?

Easy management

Some companies provide a cloud-based or internet-based software, allowing for immediate and easy updates to your digital sign or electronic menu board. As most digital signage and electronic menu boards are accessible from your laptop and use WiFi, the updates are almost instantaneous. Whether it’s content scheduling, playback, or simply a live feed, everything can be easily managed remotely. Digital signs can also be updated based on time of day, whether you want to beat the midday rush, or promote a great special for your customers. This ease and flexibility allows customers to make an informed decision prior to purchase, adding positive experience to your cafe or restaurant.

Higher engagement

Customers will look at a digital sign or outdoor digital billboard simply because it is bright and eye-catching, but there is only a couple of seconds before their attention is lost. Outdoor digital billboards and digital signs allow for a wide range of display content ranging from still images or text, to video, to live data feeds being pulled through and displayed in a creative way. They also mostly play their ads for anywhere between 6-8 seconds, which is the optimum time to grab the audience’s attention without boring them. 

Source: Goldair

Creativity and customisation

Not only is your display screen software itself easy to manage, but managing your own content allows you and your brand to get really creative and have strong control over your message to market. You can update the messaging or visuals at any time of the day, creating a stronger and more targeted impact on your audience. 

Advertising platform

By using your digital signage for an advertising space for other companies and brands, it allows you to enhance your revenue from one advertising site and market more than one campaign for a client. This ad space can be related to your business, such as a cafe with their coffee supplier, or you can simply advertise based on a rate card that allows you to drive revenue. 

Source: NZGOVT

Lower costs

Traditional digital or above-the-line (TV, radio, etc.) advertising costs are measured in cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Managing your own digital signage gives you a broad audience to advertise your specific product, service, or business to and means you get lower costs at a higher impression rate. Advertising with digital signs or on outdoor digital billboards means you don’t need to worry about going to a specialised printer, or use your own home printer to update your marketing and information collateral. Reducing print costs and installation fees also reduce labour costs and staffing costs. 

That’s great, but what are the challenges of outdoor digital signage?

The initial investment towards outdoor digital billboards and digital signs can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking, but it will save you labour costs down the line and can generate unparalleled reach & engagement! 

In short, the benefits outweigh any negatives or challenges you may have. Whether it’s cost-saving, time-efficiency, or even how easy it is to manage your information, digital signage and outdoor digital billboards are the way of the future. 

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