What are the advantages of billboard advertising, and why is it effective?

What are the advantages of billboard advertising, and why is it effective?

By LHDMedia

Billboard advertising has many advantages and benefits, centered around building salience and exposure. Most brands use digital marketing and social media to generate immediate action from the audience, and gauge reactions and measurable results. Billboard advertising is used most effectively for brand awareness. It is best used for displaying a simple or straightforward message that the audience can easily understand. There are a lot of major features that make billboard advertising super effective. Here are five key reasons why.

Display and Screens

Outdoor billboard advertising has huge screens or displays for both digital and static billboards. Digital displays are high-resolution LED’s, meaning they are bright and eye catching as the backlit screens attract the attention of the audience. Alternatively, static billboards attract attention using the bright lights surrounding the billboard itself, lighting it up no matter how dark the night. Humans eyes are more naturally drawn to objects emitting light, so billboards will capture someone’s attention.
As billboards are so big, you want to attract the attention of the audience, but you don’t want to distract them too much while driving. These large displays are aimed at drivers, cyclists, or the pedestrians, which can sometimes cause a few dilemmas! Being the business whose billboard was the result of a few crashes is never ideal, so managing the fine balance between distraction and attention-grabbing is always something to have in the back of your mind.

Source: Bogara-bg.com

Freedom of Design

A good rule of thumb with billboard advertising is that it’s aimed mostly to people moving fast, so you have about three to six seconds to get your message across. Think ‘less is more’. A good billboard will have a strong creative that gets the idea across, using punchy copy and a visual cue for the audience to take it all in and digest.
It’s recommended that copy on billboards sticks to six words, but you can extend the text beyond six words if it adds to the flow. However, usually this doesn’t give the audience enough time to read it. If you have visuals, it’s essential to think about how they tie into the wording and if it links, as it’s easier to ‘show and not tell’. If someone is looking at the ad, it takes a short amount of time to absorb it all in one go and easily understand it. On top of all of this, is the layout. The copy and visual elements need to be big enough to be read from a long distance away, and also not look too cluttered. The less there is on the billboard, the easier it will be to digest and be memorable.

Location, Location, Location!

Billboards are strategically located in high traffic areas around cities or highways, allowing them to be noticed by the highest number of people, such as pedestrians and drivers. It’s useful to think about where your target audience might be. For example, if you’re a local café, you would look at billboards near your café to get people in the door!
If you are super strategic, an exciting way to engage your audience is by identifying where the billboard is and how it ties into the creative. You can do this through the copy or the visuals, whether it’s a picture of a map, directions to the store or café, or using the suburb or street name.

Source: instaphenomenons.me

Build Awareness

A big focus of billboard advertising is to build awareness and exposure. Unless the audience is in the right headspace at the time of view to action what is on the billboard, sometimes it’s best to use creative or design that is memorable. It allows the audience to remember your name and Search you when the right time comes up. Billboards are mostly used to get a quick message across and are excellent for brand building for this reason.
Alternatively, the headline can be a call to action, only if it’s super clear. Billboards can be used to sell a service or a product, and instruct customers to take action immediately. This, in turn, builds awareness and drives engagement further, as the consumer will interact with your brand by heading straight to where the call to action drives them, or search up your brand name.

Source: 75media.co.uk

Share of Voice

Static and Digital Billboard advertising provide different types of benefits. Static billboards offer the company sole share of voice and means the ad will be up on this placement for up to a month or more. This is great! It means there are no other competitors, or other advertisers, taking up that specific real estate for you to shine. While you may get less of a share of voice with digital billboard advertising, you get the opportunity to swap out creative and play multiple messages on one screen. This means that your creative doesn’t let your audience get bored by seeing the same thing on repeat. It also allows your product, service, or event get more opportunities to communicate to your customers.
The key features and benefits of billboard advertising centres not just on the billboard location and style, but what is on the billboard itself. Using some of the guidelines and reasons we’ve discussed above, you will achieve your marketing and business goals in no time.

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