The ways in which Digital Signage is essential to your Commercial Office

The ways in which Digital Signage is essential to your Commercial Office

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Digital signs are a great way to grab employee and customer attention using bright displays and interesting content. In a time where screens are king, using digital signs are an effective and easy way to keep an audience engaged.

Digital signs in a corporate setting can range from interactive video display walls, greeting screens in the reception area, information placed in prime viewing locations around the business, or a cohesive mix of all. Using digital signage will improve internal communications, and drive your employee engagement, motivation, and interaction. It can even help to deliver bottom line results, as live figures can be displayed up on the screen.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Employee attitudes are changing employee culture, and a good company culture is a growing necessity as millennials and Gen Z head into the workforce, preferring a positive and supportive workplace. This helps to create a ‘flatter’ structure, as employees are able to connect to their fellow co-workers and talk to their managers in a friendly and encouraging way. Using digital signage, companies can include a new person’s ‘About Me’ section to introduce them in a way that is non-intrusive or humiliating, highlight inspirational quotes, company achievements, fun facts, or anything that is deemed appropriate for the unique company culture.

On digital signs, social networks can also be pulled through live. Whether a company uses Yammer, Slack, or an internal site, the latest live listings can be posted up to keep engagement and employee connectivity at an all time high. It’s a great idea to post interesting articles found on local news sites, or posts on the company social media pages to stay topical and up-to-date. Some companies have a working Google Slides link that links to digital screens, allowing employees to post what really matters to them, from how cute their dog was this morning, or how bad the traffic was.

Internal Communications

Usually company-wide emails are sent and immediately deleted or, as people’s inboxes (and brains) only have a limited amount of real estate! If these emails aren’t deleted, they aren’t always read, or are simply forgotten. To combat this apathy, companies using digital signage in an effective way can get rid of company-wide emails completely. This will help to maintain internal communications, advertise social events, or post celebrations or training sessions, as these are often sent in an email and forgotten.

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Effective Cut Through

Day-to-day work has an ever-growing demand, with the feeling of the ‘never-ending to-do list’. This constant clutter and noise means it can be difficult to cut through and actually have a consistent and efficient touchpoint with employees. It’s an easy and effective way to modernise an office space and push through this noisy office clutter. Signs and posters are rarely read, as there is often too much information on them all crammed into one poster. Digital signage offers a solution where multiple screens can play on rotation, from video, to images, to even an inspirational text.

Source: Klipfolio

Alignment with Company Goals

Digital signs are a great way to keep company goals and business strategy displayed to employees and keep people on track. Employees can also see how the bottom line is progressing, from seeing numbers displayed in digestible graphs, or seeing how sales figures and targets are going. It will improve employee engagement by keeping them working at their best level. KPIs and key metrics can be tracked on screens as well, validating what employees do, and keeping data visible. Using these effective communication structures and strategies, important stakeholders and employees can constantly be up to date with the relevant information. Highlighting company goals and milestones reached are a great way for an easy feel-good feeling to go through the office.

Multiple Messaging

Digital signage has the added benefit of rotating multiple messages at all times. Using any of the above ideas, it is simple and straightforward to integrate a seamless loop of up to date information to your employees. A messaging matrix that is constantly changing with interesting and engaging content will not only attract an audience, but it will generate excitement too. Having a mix of company values and goals, KPI and target tracking, and fun, user-generated content is a fun way to keep employees aligned and involved with the company, and each other.

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